So I've been working hard on my University Final Year Project, finally a chance within the structure of university modules to go out and make something completely different from everyone else. It's pretty much my first properly finished animation, ignoring the crude unfinished Noisy Neighbours I once dared to plague the Portal with and a dozen stupid little tests.

To finish all it needs now is some additional audio and a final scene. (which I may scrape the Newgrounds forums to record).

I should probably mention what the short is about and why I made it.
It's a relatively short animation taking two or three of what are hundreds of interestingly stupid aspects of the game Heavy Rain. It pairs nicely with my dissertation about Intertextuality in Video Game Parody, which loosely you could say is really "If you haven't played the game, you won't get it". Here's a little snippet of how it should look.

Hopefully it survives the blam when it's done in two weeks, bearing in mind it is my first finished animation and my frame by frame skills have a lot of growing to do.

Animation for University almost complete